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damaging to american interests. as a candidate that can take us in it not president obama thing seemed to really understand appeared to type about it creatively during the campaign. he pledged about two notches withdraw american troops from iraq, the change would be called the american mindset that gotten us into the strategic to go invading iraq in place. he pledged to really change america's middle east policy. instead, the obama administration has pursued the same so supposes that is predecessors, the same that inflicts damage to america's strategic position. it covers out, the obama administration today is not just presiding over his called middle east peace process. the very demise of the nice features solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict. of the obama administration intervention in libya was able to overthrow moammar gadhafi, if not incubating in libya at a significant threat to american security interests. as we detail in our book, "going to tehran," the obama administration has gone beyond and threatening the islamic republic to do something which argued even more dange
monday millions of americans watched as barack obama took the oath of office for a second term. this coming monday, the party really starts. >> it's me your vp joe biden and i'm inviting you all to join me this monday at the dover meet speedway in dover, delaware, for a little party i like to call the biden bash. forget the pageant tri, forget the ib spir rational speeches, this one is about fun. we're going to have cotton candy, amateur dog show. be sure to join me for my kung fu exhibition. >> biden time,o w! almost got it. >> as the saying goes, what happens in delaware -- >> all proceeds go to biden 2016 presidential ex employertory committee. >> i don't think that will matter if biden launches a 2016 presidential campaign? remember what chevy chase on "snl" did to jerry ford. he killed him. >>> here is what fox news found to be missing from the obama/clinton "60 minutes" interview. >> i think for some reason they just didn't dig into anything at all. >> 30 minutes, come on? >> i would like to know -- did she pass out and hit her head, was she pushed? how did she hit her he
cut ser the former deputy campaign manager for president obama's re-election. you know, congresswoman, as you know, like most americans i have always thought it idiotic on the part of the republicans to even talk about sending home over 10 million people who have been living here in this country for years. it's not going to ever happen. it would be a hideous thing to watch it in effect, people being ripped from their families. but i believe no true reform is ever going to work nor should it be approved that doesn't have enforcement behind it. unless that stops the other thing isn't going to be effective either. do you think this bill has both teeth and a good thing for the people living here both? >> well, it's important to remember that what the thinking of eight unveiled is sort of an outline. it's actually not a written bill yet. so there are details that still need to be worked out, but the very fact that there is agreement and the very fact that it's a bipartisan effort and the very fact that republican senators are now supporting this earned pathway to citizenship or legalizatio
. >> i want to get to andrea in one second. you look at the pictures of barack obama, first african-american president, still, you know, if you had said ten years ago, it would still be shocking. you have hillary clinton sitting next to him. odds-on favorite to be the first female president. you look at those two figures, you look at their approval ratings, barack obama, building the '70s, hillary's approval rating up in the 60s. and then you look at where i was this weekend, "the national review" had a great weekend where they were talking about the future of conservatism. i say it was because it was so constructive. but i'll tell what you, if the economy keeps getting better over the next three years, you've got hillary linton rclin running three years from now, we republicans have such a major headwind in our face for the next three years. it's going to be tough. >> yeah, there's no question. but there's so many variables. >> go ahead. >> no, so many variables that could happen in the next 3 1/2 years. >> yeah. ed sees you making a motion, he stops. >> i was trying to get richard haass in
." ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." president obama shocked pro-gun americans when he told the world he is a shooter. in fact, he said he shoots all the time. so i wonder what kind of shooter he is. do you think it's this kind? probably not. what about this kind? [ rapid shots ] i'm guessing not that kind either. i guess a gun in obama's hand looks more like this. >> sorry. >> my fault. >> eric: we all know he is a shooter but he is evident lay skeet shooter. likes to do it up at camp david. do you think he knocked down a clay birdie? >> bob: i tried one with a hundred different shots. didn't hit one of them. it finally grabbed one on the ground and shot it on the ground. i'm not good -- >> dana: that wasn't very safe. >> bob: it wasn't. my guess is he probably has done a little of that. why they don't release a picture it doesn't matter. >> eric: do you really think -- >> bob: i think the shooter was on the edge. >> never know. want to shoot down a bull sometime. greg? >> greg: what is he skeet shooting? clay pigeons like the fox news emblem? >> eric: maybe. >> greg: i love he picked t
for public broadcasting. >>> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. president obama began his second term this week with pomp, circumstance, and some prayer. in longstanding american tradition, religion had a high profile in many inaugural activities. kim lawton has more. >> reporter: before monday's public swearing-in ceremony, the obamas attended a special worship service at st. john's episcopal church. protestant, catholic and jewish leaders were part of the service, which was closed to cameras. then, the public ceremony began with an invocation by myrlie evers-williams, widow of slain civil rights leader medgar evers and the first laywoman to give an inaugural prayer. >> we invoke the prayers of our grandmothers, who taught us to pray, god, make me a blessing. >> reporter: music included the brooklyn tabernacle choir. >> the oath i have sworn before you today, like the one recited by others who serve in this capitol, was an oath to god and country. >> reporter: the president cited god many times in his address. he laid out a liberal vision to the nation, which included
gets even more unpredictable. >> president obama is urging a certain group of americans to lend their voice to >> one of the biggest winners last night at the screen actors guild picking up the award for best ensembles, but it was not the only big winner -- what this means for the oscars -- >> arch campbell has his thoughts on these new developments. >> what am i going to do? i told you that "lincoln was going to win, but i'm changing my mind because of what's going on. about one month ago, but like would be a showdown, but things have changed and they came into focus the time this weekend. that is then athletic and a cast of "argo" walking up to receive the best ensemble's board. he adds this too is golden globe and producer's award. it celebrates the once classified tale of a cia agent who smuggled six american embassy staffers out of a i ran -- adirondack during the hostage crisis by passing them off as a canadian film crew. they are scouting locations for a fantasy film. it comes even as the motion picture academy failed to nominate him for best director. speaking a
workers and strengthens border security with 7 in 10 latino voters supporting obama republicans are willing to play ball. >> there is a new i think appreciation on both sides of the aisle, including maybe more importantly on the republican side of the isle. >> americans support it in poll after poll. latino voters expect it. the democrats want it. republicans need i. >> president obama heads to las vegas tomorrow to unveil his immigration reform plans. >> five things to know on this monday morning, defense questions witnesses against john leopold. on friday the judge threw out one misconduct office charge. >>> felecia barnes murder trial continues today. michael johnson is accused of killing the 16-year-old. a witness saw barnes dead body the day she went missing. >> broadway stars, writessers, producers and directors are putting together a benefit. proceeds going towards the sandy school support fund. . the miami heat now paying a visit to the nation's capitol. greeted by the president congratulating them on the championship. >> today is the day we appreciate bubble wrap. the
of the party. here's what he writes. obama is arguing that misfortune can strike americans in all forms. a sdabt, a storm, illness, or merely outliving our savings. ryan's budget imposes savage cuts to food stamps, children's health insurance, and other mitigations of suffering for the least fortunate. and ryan also voted against relief for victims of hurricane sandy. by ryan's definition, if the government is rebuilding your destroyed home, you're a taker too. >> look, this is a straw man argument. the president said earlier that we had care of the elderly and feeding poor children. when he sets up these straw men, to affix views to add ver sears that they don't have, to win the argument by default, it's not an honest debate. we want to have a safety net. a safety net that's there for the vulnerable, poor, for people who cannot help themselves. but we don't want to have a culture in this country that encouraging more dependency that saps and drains people of their ability to make the most of their lives. >> which part of the culture today is doing that? is part of this culture that yo
for the american people is show them the successes and which ideas work. we can show where president obama's ideas go. we can look in history, at countries that failed. at europe today. we can look at his home state of illinois. the tax and spend and big government approach has always failed. so our job as conservatives is to make sure americans know that. and we need to show it with real people and real faces. >> but a lot of this we have to remind ourselves is about economic growth. what makes the economy grow, what gets people back to work, and what role does washington play in that? >> we know how to get out of tough times. we got out of the great depression by investing in what we wanted to be as a country, by investing in jobs rather than focusing on our fears. you know, i would push back and say that the big issues of this day also include marriage equality. they include comprehensive immigration reform. and right now when you look at joblessness in this country, you know, the country is back to pretty much where it was when this president started. white people in this country are doing a b
bill to assist americans harmed by superstorm sandy. the house recently approved the bill, and president obama has promied to sign. lawmakers from the northeast contend the money is urgently needed, especially in new jersey, new york and connecticut. conservative republicans say the relief package will only add to the nation's debt unless it's off- set with spending cuts. several of president obama's 2012 recess appointments are being ruled "invalid." a federal appeals court unanimously ruled that the president's appointments to the national labor relations board last year were unconstitutional. senate republicans filed the case against the president, arguing that the appointments were made while the senate was in pro-forma session and not in recess. the obama administration is expected to appeal. a fresh audit of apple's supply chain reveals continuing labor problems. apple has conducted nearly 400 audits of its suppliers, including foxconn. investigations revealed cases of underage workers, discrimination and low wages. the company says it is cracking down on its most ch
americans and certainly women. and she has this sort of aura around here that president obama or candidate obama had in 2008 which is the sense that she's being drafted into this. we'll see if this is something she wants to do. >> but you've got a long way to go. you know, strooeve crawford whod the interview for "60 minutes" raised the question last night. is this an endorsement of secretary clinton. listen to this. >> what's the date of expiration on this endorsement. >> ask that question. you're sitting here together. everybody in town is talking about it already. and this is taking place. >> you know, steve, i've got to tell you. you guys are incorrigible. i was literally inaugurated four minutes ago. >> i'm out of politics. and i'm forbidden from even hearing these questions. >> i mean, michelle, you probably have to raise the question. but he was only inaugurated a week ago today. they akts they aktsed like he's not the president and has four years to serve. >> it seems a little bit early to write him off as a lame duck. but this is what wo can't do. can't bear to have the presidenti
and the american federation of teachers, have also given their endorsement. observers say the garfield boycott could mark a significant revolt to date against the obama administration's embrace of standardized testing. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. and dramatic film portraying the last day of oscar grant's life won top honors at the sundance film festival. directed by first-time filmmaker, 26-year-old ryan coogler, "fruitvale" tells the story of oscar grant, the 22- year-old bay area resident who was shot to death by a bay area rapid transit police officer. the film begins with real cellphone footage of the police shooting and then dramatically retells the last hours of his life. this is a clip from the film when grant speaks with his mother about plans for new year's eve. >> you guys have plans for the night? >> nothing major. meet up with the fellows. head out to the city. >> why don't you take the train out there? that way you guys can drink and hang out and not have to worry about anything. >> like ge
americans' lives was 2011 and 2008 and barack obama wasn't president and they were a little better off by 2012 or seem to be. we've run up a huge debt which we'll pay for later. we are better than under president bush. that's what did the most damage. there's the war we can debate forever and other mistakes in 2005 and 2006 and people like ross and reihan said earlier. 2011 and 2008 is an experience. i don't think most republicans -- i'm sure republicans don't have a very clear and good explanation for it. i'm not worried that the conservatives that they accepted an explanation about the invest to act or whatever, and i think there are a lot of good instincts of what not to go down the road again. here is one last example. dodd-frank, very bad legislation. passed in 2010. sent a piece of the obama agenda and democrats agenda only after obamacare and the stimulus. everyone was against it. we published articles against it. republicans won the house in november of 2010. the republican house passed no legislation, introduced no legislation to repeal dodd-frank or to replace dodd-frank with
. kerry alluded to the use of drones in u.s. foreign policy this his hearing. >> president obama and every one of us here knows that american foreign policy is not defined by drones and deployments alone. we cannot allow the extraordinary good we do to be eclipsed by the role we have had to play since september 11th. >> what -- sorry. a, i was sort of confused. you know, what does that mean? is that a tacit -- is that the administration admitting that they would like to use fewer drones, that they are going to be more diligent, they are crafting what is known as a drone playbook right now, which surprised me given the fact that it is the year 2013. these have been going on for -- since 2004. >> there's clearly not enough information on this program, nor the legality of it, nor what the impacts are. i would like to see someone do a comprehensive review to see how effective it is in terms of discouraging versus encouraging terrorism. these are people hardened by battle, and so part of that is a belief that if you can do it through these mechanized planes dropping targeted bombs then you prot
they expect, that she would go up on the hill and say the state department and obama administration was engaged in mendacity and this was a cover- up and we were tried to mislead the american people? of course not. it was not true. very disappointed that she did not come up there and list the things that they wanted to church. there is no substance of what they're trying to suggest. >> people who take on hillary clinton do so at their own risk. then these hearings, as they proved -- >> what about the charge of the people who are criticizing the state department to the effect that the ambassador had asked for more help, more protection, more security? >> the consequences of that, people had been fired, dismissed because of that. but secretary clinton was right about one thing. hundreds of thousands of cables for into the state department every day. there are all addressed to the secretary of state but also that siphoned off to other people. there were people in the department responsible for responding to those requests. they did not respond in a timely fashion and there are conseque
not unless i know who is here to pursue the american dream versus who might be here to harm. >> reporter: 71% of latino votes went to president obama. the republican senator mark arubio, was a key member of the senate reform team. >> we also have to insure we don't do anything that encouples people to come here legally in the future. we're dealing with 11 million human beings. >> for its part, the white house welcomed the deal. they will travel to nevada to lay out his vision, which overlaps with the senate version. >> the president believes it's important we move forward on comprehensive immigration reform. >> the passage is widely expected in the senate, but the roadblock could come in the house and republican conservatives voiced concerns and holding the u.s. border security are closed. house speaker john boehner indicated he would allow the senate version of immigration reform to come up for a vote in the house if it passes the senate; how far, this bill has several stop gaps built into it and would not allow the citizenship to go forward until the goals of border security are first met.
of effects are happening. all those realities accumulate, and as obama pushes the envelope beyond where the american people are comfortable , we could actually have the fulfillment of him going too far and then getting lost opportunities. >> you are nodding. do you think it went too far? >> overreached -- bill clinton in 1994. republicans thought that in 2000 x where the new governor of indiana said, hey, republicans are going to act like democrats with all that spending and government expansion, they will just hire the professionals. and they did. then you saw in 2010, dialing back of the extremism of the first two years. yes, i would like to back up to your original question. i stand in a very small circle of conservatives who have said publicly that obama has significant advantages and would probably win. a recent i said that, i am a professional pollster. i saw a couple things i would like to share with you so that we learn from this past cycle. one is that, the fundamentals of the race never shifted. in the last 100 years, only one incumbent president ending for reelection was defe
't have to be perpet yawl . making it seem like we want war. no, i don't believe napresident obama st. is doing enough. he doesn't want to levell with the american people. we are winning but they are stronger than ever. it is a long struggle and parra phrase john kennedy it is it a longg twilight struggle. congressman peter king. thank you for joiningugs. good to have you. >> thank you, mike. >> and a dolphin in distress swims to a diver per help. we'll talk to the diver that saved the depolvivivivivivivi >> they say an animal is most dangerous when it is wounded an incredible video shows how people friendly and dolphins are intelligent. a scuba diver was looking at a manta ray when a nose dolphin was tangled in a fishing line. icler worked for several minutes and trying to remove the hook. in fact the dolphin went up to the surface for air and back soicler can finish the job. joining me is masterkeller. what did you think when the dolphin got so close to you. i heard it squeak really loud. they can direct their sound and i turned around it was three feet from me and startled me. in f
obama has gone one step further. he says he will instruct for that legislation simply to not be enforced. this raises a significant question for the american people of whether they are at all concerned that a president here is effectively negating federal law. on the gun issues, the fear is that he may do the same thing, he may use executive power as an alternative to legislation i think that is a huge mistake. we are a divided country when it comes to gun control. the supreme court ruled in the heller that this is an individual right. for the president to come in to do this, outside of legislation, would be a serious problem. even in the legislative process, it will be tough for things like the feinstein bill. she is talking about bans on types of semi-automatic weapons. she will collide directly with heller. the supreme court has said that the second amendment allows for some reasonable limitations. i think that gives a certain amount of room for legislation. when you talk about prohibition, then it becomes a closer question under heller. host: lancaster, calif., independent line -- ca
>> this generation of americans has been tested by crisis that steel our resolve and proved our resilience. a decade of war is now ending. >> mike: president obama may have taken our troops out of iraq and soon afghanistan, but that should not mean the war is ending. al-qaeda and its options have taken a strong hold in north africa and targeting and killing americans in the region. the most recent attack was in algeria where a natural gas facility was targeted by an al-qaeda affiliate. dozens of hostages, including americans were killed. right next to algeria is libya, where this past september 11th, ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed when terrorists stormed the american consulate in benghazi. libya has been politically unstable since the 2011 death of president muammar gaddafi. and brings us to the nation of mali, the al-qaeda and the islamic group, and targeting select forces to topple aqim which has other attacks in the area. >> instability in mali has created an expansive safe haven and looking to expand the attacks like we saw last week in algeria. there's no doubt that the a
they are losing their ass. they can't win the latino vote, the fastest growing part of the american electorate they cannot win the presidency now unless they win a bigger share of the latin 0 vote and obama got 71% of it. mitt romney, 27% of it. lamont is calling from maryville. they are not doing it because it's the right thing to do. >> peter: right. >> bill: maryville, indiana. lamont what's going on? what do you say? >> caller: basically, john mccain, we are doing this because of the election results. like i said, that speaks to a bigger problem when now all of the sudden the republicans are the stupid party because or whatever, you know, they lost the election. they are just saying this and doing this to get back in power, and once they finish or they get back in power, everything is going to change. they are going to go back to their real agenda. >> bill: i think they are going to have trouble with that because their message to the latino community is, we don't really care about you. right? >> why we have neglected you all of these years. we still don't c
there with obama care. this is a time to be very honest with the american people just to say this is where we are. these are the facts. and help us work this thing to a solution and i have to tell you, i certainly hope that we do. >> congressman blackburn, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >>> the interview that's all the talk of the political world. not the one we had but the one of last night and what did the odd man out think about it? it's monday, january 28th. i'm phyllis and i have diabetic nerve pain. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals to like a thousand bees that were just stinging my feet. i have a great relationship with my doctor. he found lyrica for me. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your
to the health care system via the -- some of the parameters there with obama care. this is a time to be very honest with the american people just to say this is where we are. these are the facts. and help us work this thing to a solution and i have to tell you, i certainly hope that we do. >> congressman blackburn, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >>> the interview that's all the talk of the political world. not the one we had but the one of last night and what did the odd man out think about it? it's monday, january 28th. i'm phyllis, and i have diabetic nerve pain. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course, i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals to like a thousand bees that were just stinging my feet. i have a great relationship with my doctor. he found lyrica for me. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actio
and african- americans. mitt romney policies would have led to self deportation. on tuesday look for president obama to outline of half way to citizenship for more than a 11 million undocumented workers. there will be a framework for people to pay back taxes, taxes they could not pay before. there are signs of political bipartisanship on this issue. here is the leading republican senator speaking on sunday. >> what has changed is there is an appreciation on both sides of the idle, including on the republican side of the aisle that we have to enact a comprehensive reform bill. >> here is the leading democratic senator, who is giving a nonsuit now a leading republican -- a nod to the leading republican and the idea of border control. >> we are trying to get immigration reform. i am cautiously up a mistake -- optimistic. i have seen things that were once off the table for discussion being on the table for a pathway for word. there will be enhancement of the board of security with more border patrol. >> there are no guarantees politicians will be able to get this done. it is not a new issue. look
verification, guest worker program, and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >> americans support it in pole after pole. la ten knows want be it. fourth republicans need it. >> reporter: both sides need it. for president obama, that's a first term promise. >> i do think there's room for us to come together and finally get things done. >> reporter: for republicans it could be the key to winning in 2016. last year 70% of hispanics voted for president obama. >> we are losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons. >> reporter: the president will talk about in las vegas. some republicans remain skeptical. >> if you're looking to play politics or does he want to solve the problem? we don't know the answer to that yet. >> reporter: the president speaks tuesday. lawmakers lay out their plans today. keep in mind this is just an outline, just really a beginning, veronica. lawmakers would need to work out the details. here on capitol hill is the tricky part. >> that is right. tracie potts in washington. tracie, thank you. president obama and ri
immigrants. >> americans support it in poll after poll. secondly latino voters expect it. democrats want it. republicans need it. >> reporter: both sides need it. for president obama immigration reform is a first term promise not kept. >> there's room for us to come together and get something done. >> reporter: for republicans it could be a key to winning in 2016. last year 70% of hispanics voted for president obama. >> we're losing dramatically the hispanic vote which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons. >> reporter: the president will talk about it in vegas. >> is he looking to play politics or solve the problem. >> reporter: the president speaks tuesday. lawmakers lay out their reform plan today. what we'll see today is just an outline. remember, they have to work out details. snoom of them. >>> president obama and secretary of state clinton were interviewed for the first time together on "60 minutes." they talked about their battles during the 2008 campaign and their relationship during the last four years. >> we had such agreement on what needed to be done for our country.
hearing these. >> if she wants this job, it will be interesting. on foreign policy, president obama defending himself from critics who say the u.s. has not been aggressive enough in using american power abroad. >>> well, moammar gadhafi probably does not agree with that assessment, or at least if he were around he would not agree with that assessment. when it comes to egypt, if it had not been for the leadership we showed, you might have seen a different outcome there. but also understanding that we do nobody a service when we leap before we look. here is a classic example of where our involvement, we want to make sure that not only does it enhance u.s. security but also that it is doing right by the people of syria and neighbors like israel that are going to be profoundly affected by it. and so it's true sometimes that we don't just shoot from the hip. >>> secretary clinton's last day at the state department will be this friday. >>> we have new developments on immigration reform. a bipartisan group of eight senators say they've reached an agreement on sweeping legislation that incl
with 7 in ten latino voters supporting president obama in 2012 election republicans now appear more willing to play ball. >> there is a new appreciation on both sides of the aisle including more more on the republican side. >> americans support it. latino voters expect it. democrats want it. republicans need it. >> as washington lawmakers prepare to act some states are taking action. over the weekend, illinois became the fourth state to allow illegal immigrants to get a driver's license. >> this morning, a state lawmaker plans to unveil legislation to create a state-wide earthquake warning system. los angeles area state senator says such a system could minimize death and destruction for major earthquakes. japan and a few others have earthquake-warning systems. experts will be on hand for introduction of the bill. a few seconds of warning could give people extra time to take cover before an earthquake hits. >> major change is coming to the golden gate bridge. they will trance >>guest: to electronic toll collecting. initially the toll collectors will be in the fast track and cash boot
of reasons and we have to understand that. >> reporter: hispanics supported president obama over mitt romney with more than 70% of the vote. cbs news, with sh wash. >> now the president is going to address immigration reform at a speech tomorrow in nevada. >>> an american pastor jailed in iran since last fall has been sentenced to eight years in prison. he was convicted on charges of attempting to undermine state security, accused of creating a network of christian churches in private homes. the u.s. state department is calling on iran to release the pastor. >>> egypt is under a state of emergency in three areas that are hot beds of political protests. more than 50 people have died in clashes between police and demonstrators. the curfew is in police for the next 30 days. president morsi is being called to step down. >>> at least 233 people are dead. more than 100 injured, after a massive fire in southern brazil. >> investigators are working to figure out what sparked one of the deadliest nightclub fires in more than a decade. >> reporter: police are guarding a burned out nightclub in souther
supporting president obama in the 2012 election, republicans now appear more willing to play ball. >> there's a new appreciation on both sides of the aisle, including, maybe more importantly on the republican side of the aisle. >> americans support it, in poll after poll. latino voters expect it. thirdly, democrats want it. and fourth, republicans need it. >> reporter: and washington prepares to act. some states are taking actions on their own. illinois became the fourth state to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. sunny, back to you. >> preeti arla in washington. thank you so much. >>> getting a lot of attention this morning, the president and hillary clinton sitting down together. we'll have the highlights from that interview coming up in about 15 minutes. >>> now, we turn to the nuclear tension stemming from the korean peninsula. this morning in seoul, a spokesman said south korea will do whatever it takes to stop north korea from conducts a new nuclear test. china is urging restraint. and is promising to cut food ate to north korea if it goes ahead with another test. >>>
. >> exactly. we need to educate that to the american people because they don't understand. they think that the course of ruling against president obama, the first black president. lou: we're going to have to leave it there. we will continue next week. thank you so much. up next, one of the nastiest flues seasons on record. an update for you on what has turned out to be a deadly outbreak next. coming up next week, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, economist and a best-selling author, former fed vice chairman joins us. and author, radio talk-show host monica crowley among our guests. please be with us next week. we love hearing from you. lou: mixed news from the federal health officials on what has turned out to be the deadly national flu epidemic. forty-seven states reported widespread flu activity down from 48 last week. that is the good news. cases in the southwest and northwest, however, are rising. lows of declining in the south, new england, and the midwest. the virus continues to take a toll on the most tolerable children and the elderly. eight other chil
secretary of state and president obama is extraordinary and unique and it also showed something else to the american people that the american people wanted to see and that is two former competitors who figured out how to put whatever difference these had aside and learn how to govern, move on, and take the country forward. that's a lesson i wish many colleagues in congress would learn. >> hillary talked about the people who are often most sensitive after time are the spouses and the staff members. a little bit about what the president said about the staffers. >> hillary mentioned part of our bond is we have been through a lot of the same stuff. and part of being through the same stuff is getting whacked around in political campaigns, being criticized in the press, you know, we've both built some pretty thick skins. >> um-hum. um-hum. >> sometimes our staffs don't go through that, so they are taking umbrage and offense. >> have you seen the staff able to move past the slights and hurts or move past the umbrage? >> i have seen it a lot. if you you are an elected official, you develop a
vote, which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons. >> americans support it in poll after poll. secondly, latino voters expect it. third, the democrats want it. and fourth, republicans need it. >> president obama will talk about the senate compromise when he visits las vegas today to lay out his own version on immigration. >>> jon, the compromise also covers the highly educated workers which high tech covets. scott mcgrew says that silicon valley has been waiting a long time for immigration reform. >> good morning. the immigration has been a huge issue for high tech. and here's the perfect example of the problem. this couple they founded a software firm while attending the university of wisconsin, started hiring their friends, paid almost a million dollars in business taxes, then they had to go home to india because their student visas ran out. now, the business still exists, but it's run out of india with no american employees. obvious problem. everyone said it needed to be solved. the valley's been frustrated for years. so that deal seems to have been reached and the val
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